In addition to search engine marketing, social media marketing or email marketing Affiliate Marketing is one of the important components in online marketing. While banner ads or Google Adwords strategies to make a significant contribution to brand building, affiliate marketing is very much focused on the distribution of products and services.


Affiliate marketing systems are remunerated by commission Internet based sales species in which usually a commercial provider its partners. The product provider provides this advertising tool used by the affiliate on its web pages, or may use other channels such as keyword advertising or email marketing.

Affiliate marketing systems are based on the principle of commission. The switching is done in the virtual world of the World Wide Web via a link. Such affiliate link contains a unique code that identifies the Affiliate clearly the merchants.

Simply by the link partner identifier identifies the dealer from whom the customer has been sent. The commission will be paid for the pure clicks on the ad (“Click”), the transmission of qualified leads (“Lead”) or sale (“Sale”).

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  • list iconWhen using a network you do not have to go looking for websites to advertise
  • list iconThe many publishers who are members of a network provide a wide range of your ad
  • list iconIncrease your brand recognition and brand awareness
  • list iconYou pay a fixed amount or percentage per sale / lead, not per click * (* This option is possible)
  • list iconEasily and quickly increased revenue for your webshop
  • list iconAn affiliate campaign can be started at short notice
  • list iconAccess to large publisher network sites
  • list iconAdditional visitors to your online store

AMARTAM, Your Long Term Reliable Affiliate Marketing Partner.

If you are planning for Ads your products are online, we can to assist you with our affiliate marketing services. Affiliate PPC management Amartam which will ensure that your company gets required visibility in the right platform. We in generating of leads and improving ROI of your business will also support you.

  • list iconStrategies for the affiliate marketing and implementation.
  • list iconTo increase the value of affiliate networks.
  • list iconSubscribe for prospective ad networks.
  • list iconWe are prevent the affiliate scam.
  • list iconWe make other important services in the area of affiliate networks.
  • list iconWe have status reporting on weekly basis.
  • list iconSolutions for affiliate marketing by reacting the relevant software.
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