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As the web moves to a bigger separator between the client and the server, AngularJS’s solution from the box is $ source, but this service is not ever the best solution. Many times we have a modified model layer which operates to the needs of our application.

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AngularJS is an open-source web application framework, allowing single-page applications (SPAs) are developed. The goal is to enrich web applications with model-view-controller (MVC) capacity as both the development and testing to make it easier.

Single page applications (SPAs) are in contrast to round-trip applications that provide static HTML pages provided by the server. In round-trip applications, the browser is reduced to an HTML renderer, while AngularJS enriched the browser with additional functionality.

Open source: no license and a large community of developers.

Apps: easy mobile application development

Legacy: easily build web interfaces legacy applications

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Importance of Angular Js

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AMARTAM, your long term reliable Angular Js partner.

As specialists in single-page apps and HTML5 we now use as HTML5 framework Angularjs. We have much experience with AngularJS development. Our people are full of expert. That we like to put in a smart way to refresh your systems and aspirations, strengthen and accelerate.

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