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ASP.NET is the set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET framework to build web applications and XML services. Due to several reasons, ASP.NET is a big step forward compared to “classic” ASP.

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ASP.NET is the method to develop Web applications on the .NET platform. This course is intended for application developers to make the step to developing ASP.NET applications.

ASP.NET is a way to create web pages on a web server using code. This solid HTML codes can be combined with a variable content, which is produced by a program

This allows websites to be created with a dynamic character. Displays no (interactive) animations referred to, but websites that display by means of user operations different data. In ASP.NETis possible to create a website, which can produce thousands of possible results, depending on the demands of the visitor. In addition, thousands of users (simultaneously) using the same program.

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Importance of ASP.NET Development

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  • cms developmentThe code is compiled ratheasp-net1 than interpreted, so that the execution is faster.
  • best cms web development company Programming advantage of more object-oriented.
  • cms web applicationsNow there is a great similarity between creating web applications and Windows applications, making the transition from one to another is easier.
  • wordpress cms development companyA comprehensive collection of controls makes it possible to frequently occurs to build an .net framework application, and also afterwards to adjust quickly.
  • top cms web development companyAllows you to use multiple languages such as VB.NET and C #, while only working with ASP VBScript / Jscript.

AMARTAM, your long term reliable ASP.NET partner.

Amartam have over the years gained experience in developing Microsoft ASP.NET and ASP.Net applications. We have a team of expert ASP.Net programmer expert ASP.Net consulting .Net outsourcing can offer combined with ASP.Net Application Development. Our ASP.NET Programmers are familiar with the following techniques:

  • cms developmentExtensive exposure to VB.Net, C # & ASP.Net
  • cms web development frameworkMicrosoft .NET Framework 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5
  • cms website developmentMS SQL Server 2000/2005
  • cms web development companyVisual Studio .Net 2003/2005/2008
  • best cms web development companyKnowledge of HTML5, DHTML, JavaScript & AJAX
  • best cms developmentKnowledge of Web services, Web Forms, Web server controls, XML, XSL and RSS
  • best cms developmentWin Forms, Ado.Net / MVC
  • best cms developmentCOM Interoperability
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