Google Analytics is a free website services which provides review and basic Points for search engine optimization (SEO) for their marketing purposes and analytical tools. The service is available for anyone with an Google account.


Google Analytics is an advanced technology that can be help you to measure the impact of how marketing and online presence your business is working. Meets large amounts of data and may be used like an electrocardiogram to their website so that you can jump the supernatural antics and getting entitled to the essence of what is a success and what is not.

Google Analytics will only tracks pages that contain the Google Analytics tracking code, this is a small piece of Javascript code to be added to each page of your site, either manually or by using plugins or tools. You will find some tools and plugins to help do this at the bottom of this post.

CMS Development


CMS Development
  • list iconData Visualisation tools, including a dashboard, dashboards and motion graphics, showing changes in data across time.
  • list iconTargeting for subset analyzes, like conversions.
  • list iconThe custom reports.
  • list iconSharing and communication by email.
  • list iconIntegrate with other Google products like AdWords, Public Data Explorer and Website optimizing.
  • list iconBasics of Web Analytics
  • list iconDiscover Traffic Sources

AMARTAM, Your Long Term Reliable Google Analytics Partner.

Amartam provides innovative, value-driven information technology and consulting services to IT sector clients. Amartam Analytics team crawls your site and collectively assesses them for typical SEO errors. The result of the so-called on-page analysis provides you with clean structured by types of errors. The search terms that are relevant to your site. We make a first selection automatically for you. We check every week the rankings of your search terms with Google. The results you get listed in detail, including the ranking changes. In addition, we calculate a visibility index for all selected keywords.

  • list iconProfessional SEO analysis
  • list iconIdentification the typical SEO mistakes
  • list iconExtensive help texts and explanations
  • list iconWeekly review of the rankings
  • list iconCompetitive comparison of SEO metrics
  • list iconChecking the server accessibility
CMS Development

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