MEAN.JS is a full stack JavaScript development solution that contracts among the best JavaScript technologyso that you can get applications in production quickly and easily.

Are you looking for transfer to new technology Mean?

MEAN is a framework for ease of basis with MongoDB, Node.js, Express and AngularJS based applications. It has designed to provide you you quickly and effectively way to get begin developing MEAN based web apps with useful modules like Mongoose and Passport provide pre-compiled and configured.

JavaScript is an interpreter programming language which built for the web. First implemented by the Netscape Navigator web browser, it became the programming language using Web browsers to carry client-side logic.

In the center of-2000s, shifting from Web sites to web applications together by the release of a quicker browsers, slowly a fellowship of JavaScript developers writing more complex applications.

These developers started creating libraries and tools reduced development cycles, birth of a next generation by even more advanced Web applications, which in turn ongoing need to improve browsers.


Importance of MEAN

  • list iconAddition to the convenience of development you just have to know JavaScript, to work with both server and client side.
  • list iconMongoDB NoSQL Database is the most popular to date.
  • list iconExpressJS It can nearly all the server client request.
  • list iconAngular perform better in peace servers.
  • list iconIt is just like all belonged to them made for each other.

Our web development services includes following

AMARTAM, your long term reliable MEAN partner.

We mainly try to provide resolve the connection among existing popular frameworks and common integration problems.


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