With mobile marketing all measures of customer communications are referred to, which relate to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, or for their use on the go. Here you can differentiate between push and pull approaches.


Mobile marketing makes it possible to direct communication between you and your potential to create customers. This form of marketing includes SMS marketing, creating mobile websites and developing mobile applications. Internet Marketing Group can bring about any form for you, so that you all will pick from the use of mobile marketing.

The world has sold today more than five billion subscriptions by about 4 billion mobile devices. This happens at a breathtaking pace. Think about it. It took the PC industry for years to sell the billionth PC.

There are currently about one billion PCs in use. If you appreciate everything on earth compares with one another the reason why the mobile industry that is growing rapidly. We have billions of mobile phones in use and that number increases daily. There seems to be nothing that will stand the increase in the near future in the way.

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CMS Development
  • list iconBig brand perception of consumers.
  • list iconReputation of the company.
  • list iconImage improvement of the company.
  • list iconEntertainment for the consumer.
  • list iconWide range of consumers, they have the cell phone is always with him.
  • list iconIt’s not expensive.

AMARTAM, Your Long Term Reliable Mobile Marketing Partner.

We can understand how important it is for marketers to begin to focus on mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a unique medium that gives you new customers on contracts at an increased rate. Wherever people go, their mobile phone deals with.

  • list iconWe specialize in mobile marketing where we have many years experience in mobile websites and applications.
  • list iconWe have worked with various organizations for innovative and complex mobile apps marketing.
  • list iconWe constantly innovate mobile solutions, develop and share with you.
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