MongoDB’s NoSQL database is the new generation of operational database, developed for the construction of new software solutions, today and tomorrow.

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MongoDB is the leading document-based (JSON) NoSQL database that is used by companies of all sizes, in all industries and for a variety of applications.

IT departments must quickly respond to questions from the business. Float develop new solutions and make them available, are agile. Companies want modern applications, interactive, user-friendly and available through all possible channels.

MongoDB’s technology makes it faster and cheaper to build innovative solutions by combining data from various data sources (structured and unstructured).New initiatives around big data, mobile and social media can be easily started. Modern applications, until now expensive and complex, our customers are suddenly attainable.


Importance of MongoDb

  • list icon iconA quick update.
  • list iconSupport for indexes.
  • list icon Document-oriented storage type.
  • list iconThe ability to dynamically query.
  • list iconLogging that modify data in the database.
  • list iconA highly flexible language, which allows the generation of queries.
  • list iconThe availability of full-text mode, the morphology of the Russian language.
  • list iconFor efficient storage of binary data with large queries, for example, a video or a photo.
  • list iconSupports fault tolerance and scalability: asynchronous replication at group replica database distribution nodes.

AMARTAM, your long term reliable MongoDb partner.

The solution offered by Amartam and MongoDB offer an attractive proposition for companies that want to start with innovative projects that enhance their customer service and improve operational efficiency.

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