MySQL is a database such as Access is built on SQL. For most web space to do with database is a MySQL database, because the software needed for this is freeware and it is easy to use.

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MySQL was founded by a Swedish company called MySQL AB. The founders were programmers of large SQL database companies and found that they could do better. Thus a “Opensource” version offered and sold a “Commercial” version. The latter was identical, but support was “delivered” at.

Any application that uses a database, developed only after our developers have created an extensive database design. This is a good basis for the application and creates a product that is powerful and flexible, and can be further extended well into the future.

As MySQL offers the choice to include “MyISAM” or “InnoDB” to use as a motor. One two “super-fast access” the other more reliability.

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Importance of MySQL

web Development
  • list iconCreate, modify and delete databases, tables, views, fields and indexes on fields
  • list iconExplore the database
  • list iconSearch the database
  • list iconExecute SQL code
  • list iconSaving SQL code for future use
  • list iconManage MySQL users and create
  • list iconExport data and structure to SQL code
  • list iconExport data to various formats such as CSV, XML, PDF, OpenDocument Text, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, MS Excel and MS Word
  • list iconDocumentation in over 55 different languages.

AMARTAM, your long term reliable MySQL partner.

As part of our service we can review your database design or, if desired, only provide a design of a database so you can deploy the application. We have extensive experience in building web applications in PHP with a MySQL database. Because the programming language PHP and the MySQL database to use freely available, saves you costly licensing fees.

MySQL database

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