The framework Node.js is used for programming of server applications. In this case, Google’s V8 JavaScript engine and custom libraries are used. The functions of Node.js can be extended with a variety of different modules.

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Node.js is a server-side platform for the operation of network applications. In particular, the web server can be achieved with it. Node.js is based on the JavaScript runtime environment “V8”, which was originally developed for Google Chrome, and provides a resource-efficient architecture that enables a particularly large number of concurrent network connections

Anyone who has followed the development of Node.js in recent years, might believe that the silver bullet was discovered. However, like any technology also not Node.js is equally suitable for all scenarios.

The technology of radar Thought Works rated Node.js in the issue dated January 2014, as a mature and proven technology that is suitable for corporate use. In addition, the development of JavaScript as a language is further identified as ascending:

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Importance of NodeJs

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  • cms developmentNode.js web applications ideal for data-severe websites and apps
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  • cms web applications Real-time Web-based solutions may be built using Node.js
  • wordpress cms development companyJavaScript is a known language, the user base is so large
  • top cms web development companyNode.js can handle extremely fast I / O events
  • php cms development companyNode.js can work asynchronously using callbacks

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