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Rich Internet Applications (or RIAs) are often called the NextGen web application development. The looks of RIAs marking the most recent progress Internet technology to handle web-based applications more like desktop applications.

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With the increase in DSL and broadband Internet connections and the use of larger monitors, users increasingly expect a cinematic experience. RIA fulfills this need. The concept has been known, however, the term RIA was introduced in a Macromedia whitepaper in March 2002.

RIA applications development are Web-based applications that run in a Web browser, which no software installation is required. However, they do know the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications.

RIA represents the evolution of the browser of a static request-response interface for a dynamic, asynchronous interface. In practice this means that the browser can communicate with a server without the user knows from here. In traditional client-server applications, a server response translated and then define when and how this result can be best displayed.

RIA Development

Importance of RIA Development

ria Development
  • list iconFaster response to user input by local, client-side processing.
  • list iconNo “cross-browser issues” (by the use of special RIA frameworks).
  • list iconReduced server and network load by local computations.
  • list iconWhere appropriate, access to local file system and periphery.
  • list iconMany more user-friendly than traditional Web applications through the use of advanced interaction techniques (eg. As drag and drop).
  • list iconMany times simple GUI development by rich UI components that are included in RIA frameworks (“Much WOW! Effect without much effort”).
  • Possible with plug-in-based system more performance in contrast to pure DHTML variants. No dependence of the JavaScript engine of the browser.

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Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are the future. Our developers deliver RIAs with intuitively, natural interaction sought after by the users, if we are creating a useful, easy to use calendar or fascinating game. We work with industry standard technologies such as Adobe Flash and Java to develop our RIA applications.

Our rich Internet applications with the following characteristics:

  • cms developmentThe interactive versatile
  • cms web development companyResponse Time and Real
  • cms website development Engaging and intuitively
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