Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.


Search engine marketing, also known by the English term Search Engine Marketing is the specialty that makes web pages findable by search services. This means that a web page in a prominent position in the search results of a search engine comes to be known as a search engine user to a web page relevant to the search term typed.

Since the web page can be found better, it increases the effectiveness of the advertisement on the Internet. Since search engine marketing and web content together for the whole SEM care, it is important also to use the search engine advertising potential. Generally there will be used Google Adwords to goals as much as possible impressions (range), to reach as many clicks or maximum conversions.

By seeing that web content and search engine marketing can reinforce each other, it is possible to achieve a high ranking position within the search results, to ultimately optimize findable for the specific audience.

CMS Development


CMS Development
  • list iconMost Internet users do not look beyond within the top 30 of the search results
  • list icon85% of Internet users consider a brand with a top position in the search engine as a premium brand
  • list icon80% of online sales generated through searches in the search engines
  • list iconOn average, 85% of Internet users end up using a search engine on the web
  • list iconInternet users who find your site through a search engine, are often very high quality visitors because they target searched
  • list iconSearch engine marketing(SEM) is generally longer term a much more effective and cheaper way than banners and pop-up advertising to reach valuable visitors
  • list iconPaid ads are immediately visible on the top positions and therefore especially suitable for action
  • list iconSearch engine marketing(SEM) is a cost-effective strategy that yields a high Return On Investment

AMARTAM, Your Long Term Reliable Search Engine Marketing Partner.

Amartam is the search engine marketing company, our web and marketing company specializing in search engine marketing. We want to be judged on actual results and success. Our search engine marketing specialists are characterized as follows:

  • list iconGood search engine marketing strategy
  • list iconMore sales and conversions for our customers
  • list iconKnowledge of the latest trends and “rules” of Google
  • list iconCreative, stubborn, obstinate and innovative.
CMS Development

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