Email Insight Tool to Track Conversations

Email Insight Tool to Track Conversations

Real time insight on email conversations going on within organization. This can be helpful in taking better business decision.




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Email Analysis


  1. No Visibility on team’s relationship with customer and vice versa
  2. Client satisfaction typically measured through surveys which does not portray the accurate situation
  3. Executive Management gets visibility of issues through escalation
    and by that time, the damage is already done
  4. For the employees, this becomes visible to HR through resignation which in most cases is irreversible

Our Solution

  1. Provides the right analytics and visibility at all levels through Employee and Client dashboards
  2. Captures Tone used in each and every Email conversation to/from customers and any other external stakeholder
  3. Detects and iterprets emotions, social tendencies, and language style from emails
  4. Completely Secure and maintains privacy by “not” capturing and storing the actual email content
  5. Can be used by Management to understand, refine and improve communications before it gets too late
  6. Predict client behavior so that things can be managed pro-actively
  7. Integration with Enterprise Email, LDAP and other enterprise systems