The client needed a multi-channel eCommerce solution as well as a content management system to organize their product catalogs. Currently spread across multiple websites, they needed to cater to the customer segments with a more efficient approach.

Despite bringing in premier quality infrastructure and selecting the top-rated databases (DBs) for their websites, the client was not happy with the website conversions, which were far below their expectations.

In addition, they wanted to enhance the digital experience for their customers by bringing inconsistent branding across their different websites




Retail Industry


IT Consulting, E-commerce Development and Single DataBase Design.


  • Lower Conversion Rates
  • Managing Multiple Website with variant codebase
  • Unavailability of same day delivering feature
  • Slow Search Functionality
  • Disorganised product Catalouge

Our Solution

  • Improvement in Website Conversions
  • Single Codebase for multiple websites and Better Data Management
  • Optimised Search Speed
  • Increased number of payment gateways for customers
  • Same Day Delivery Options for Customers
  • Real-time Inventory Mnagement
  • Automated Packaging and Labelling
  • Integration with third party analytic Tool


  • Faster Speed of Supply Chain Logistice: By introducing features such as ‘same day delivery’, and ‘click and collect’, the client was able to respond to customers faster in case of emergencies. The automated packaging andlabelling processes we introduced helped them cope well with the growing demand for day-to-day deliveries.
  • Unified Content Management System: The new platform allowed Client to manage all structured and unstructured content through a single user interface. They were able to make frequent updates on multiple platforms at once and managed to save time in the approval processes.